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Photography for gallery objects and paintings

The Arts and Architecture

There must be one quality without which a work of art cannot exist. What is that quality? Only one answer seems possible - significant form. 
The job, therefore, of any sensitive photographer of the arts must be: To discover this significant form, and render it from three dimensions into two. Losing as little of its potency as possible during this process. So, apart from this understanding of dimensional transmutation, what else would the aspiring photographer of the fine arts possess?

An appreciation and love of the creative arts. A relaxed and friendly working manner. Excellent problem solving techniques. Experience of handling delicate and valuable work. A hard working, patient and organised approach to large volume jobs. The ability to produce work that is technically excellent. And, a good listening ear to help ensure that the photography you receive is similar to that which you were expecting.

I have extensive experience photographing performance work, art interventions, installations and gallery exhibitions, as well as individual pieces of work.

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