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Interior and exterior architectural photography

The Arts and Architecture
If a good landscape photograph succeeds because it instills in the viewer a desire to experience nature, it follows that a good architectural photographer should be able to convey something of the power and presence that the structure being photographed implies to the people that dwell, work or visit that same structure. Good architectural photography should celebrate the harmony of the built with the natural, as well as the audacity of the vertical rising from the horizontal.

How does this help the photographer or indeed the commisioner of architectural photography? I'm not sure: but maybe it's a start. To have a sense that the landscape and the built are paradoxically intertwined is perhaps a starting point, of sorts, for powerful photography. Alongside this potential understanding I believe my strengths as an architectural photographer include:

The ability to produce technically excellent work. An appreciation of architecture and the value of vertical lines in images. An understanding of the varying eloquence of light. The capacity to work as a member of a team with regard to problem solving.

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